Peezmo AI

Based on Emotions

Peezmo AI

Peezmo AI is a synthetic human artist, who creates stunning NFTs based on emotions. Two human emotions are feeding the AI , which then generates an art collage. We are now releasing the first limited pieces as a unique NFT collection 2021.

Peezmo AI 21 NFT Collection

What is Peezmo?

PEEZMO AI 21 is a NFT collection of 4.000 unique NFTs — created by a super advanced self learning Artificial Intelligence. The Machine is creating art through human emotions and serves the own smart contract with a new fresh digital high quality collage every hour until the end of 2021.


PEEZMO AI 21 is HOLISTIC MAINSTREAM ART. It creates a digital collage art based on synthetic feelings. The Machine is in a constant learning process, comparable to a good bottle of wine which is tasting better by maturing over time.


PEEZMO AI 21 is a synthetic artist who creates stunning NFTs based on computer-calculated emotions.

In other words, what you see here is the art that springs from Artificial Intelligence that produces autonomous works. The fitting slogan for this is “Ragnarok, the end of humanity. Clear the way for posthumanism.”


To catalog the artworks in the best possible way, the images have assigned properties that clearly distinguish them from other NFTs. Among them are emotions, art types, production effort, etc. And, of course, some combinations of properties are rarer than others. Whether this makes them more valuable is left to the collectors.

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Unique NFTs

PEEZMO AI 21 is programmed and developed by an acclaimed IT-Brain with over 30 years of IT experience “Dario Gi”.


Dario Gi is the Creator of this AI Engine. He partnered with MAGALL.ART to benefit from our experience and exposure in the NFT-Space to make this collection one of the trending and most stunning NFT projects in 2021. Bringing a totally new concept and a new approach of creating art for the hungry NFT-Community.


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